Companies that trust the Audience Engagement Specialist:

These companies recognize that better quality connections mean more clients, more loyalty, more enthusiastic customers, employees, and partners.

Most people recognize how important it is to create & maintain a high quality relationship, but few know how to do it effectively.

What is an audience engagement specialist?

Whether we’re talking about trade shows, annual banquets, conventions, conferences, training sessions, or gatherings one thing stays the same:

Events are an opportunity to connect with the audience in a meaningful way.

Introducing Jonathan Pritchard, the audience engagement specialist.

Jonathan Pritchard is the best in the world at delivering your company’s message in a fun, memorable, and meaningful way that transforms your audience into die-hard fans of your business.

What Has He Done?

Jonathan is the founder of international consulting firm The Hellstrom Group and he has performed at the Linq Casino on the Vegas strip, entertained U.S. troops stationed in South Korea on a two week military tour of the country, consulted on national TV projects with none other than Criss Angel, entertained Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel on America’s Got Talent, and is recognized by his peers as one of the most dynamic / entertaining people on the planet.

He is also the author of several best selling books focused on helping professionals unlock the power of their minds in sales, negotiations, presentations, and beyond.

This makes him a highly sought-after strategist for companies that want to incorporate experiential marketing at their next trade show, conference, or training seminar.

Planning Your Next Event?

Make sure you don’t miss out by connecting with Jonathan sooner rather than later. The earlier in the event planning process you involve Jonathan, the more positive impact he can have on your event’s ROI.


Jonathan is the founder of an international consulting group specializing in connecting businesses to their audience in real life & in the digital realm. The group specializes in leadership development, sales & negotiation training, trade show exhibit strategy, and more.